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Teaser Trailer

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About Ruffhouse

   Ruffhouse stands out in the VR world because of its dynamic real-life game play. This is not an arcade title. Players will need to use two hands to shoot the ball which has not been done before in VR. In Ruffhouse, a jump shot is a real jump shot, you will have to time your jump, aim your shot, and time your release.  Players will also have to adapt to physical play including pushing, blocking, and shoving. A perfectly timed crossover could not only shake your defense and free a player up but also can lead the guarding opponent to free the player up for an open dunk or wide open 3. Imagine a well-timed hop step opening you up to your very own Stephen Curry jump shot moment!

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What We Are About


The inspiration for this game stems from the desire to give everyone the full advantage of basketball through a virtual reality experience. The idea of having seniors, children, women, and the disabled play– evens up the playing field that does not exist in real life. As an athlete and a former Ruffhouse high school and college basketball player, I really wanted to bring the excitement of street ball to everyone no matter their gender, age, or ability.



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