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What is Ruff House VR?

Basketball in Virtual Reality

   Ruffhouse is the first project from MetaSync. MetaSync is a company that promises to bring innovative, synchronized gaming to the forefront of the VR gaming industry. The game Ruffhouse is a new approach to VR basketball involving Unreal Engine physics, innovative use of motion control and an opportunity for players to compete in an ongoing online community to create a true simulated experience.

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Our Goal

Synchronized Play

Synchronized play will be an ongoing component of all MetaSync projects. The idea of an ongoing developer presence will be key in keeping our community alive. The foundation of Ruffhouse is community which will be built through the pioneering idea of streaming VR league games. The goal is to make this the VR version of March Madness with live commentary, chat functions, sponsors etc. Lastly, my biggest goal is to inspire other VR developers to take new risk with sports games and provide audiences with more real-world experiences. Ultimately, as VR developers we can transport our audiences to other worlds and give them the virtual superpowers they only dream about.

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Play solo against AI or be joined by up to 3 additional players.

The single version of Ruffhouse is one player versus 4-8 AI defensive characters. The multi-player version allows you to hone your single-player skills and shine bright as an asset on a team. This is the nostalgic social component that brings players back to their childhood of building a team with their neighborhood friends. While the single player version embodies MMO attributes such as leveling up to customize your play style, the PVP element stands out as well with 5 on 5 full court.

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Fullcourt 5 versus 5

This single and multi-player basketball simulator is meant to highlight the game, “Twenty-One,” a popular street basketball game played amongst amateurs in urban cities around the country. The game is played with any number of players and the first player to reach 21 points claims victory. For many professional athletes, this game was their first introduction to basketball.

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Unlock cool items that reflect your accomplishments on the court.

Ruffhouse also brings new super exciting basketball MMO RPG elements to virtual reality. Pre-game bragging rights features include parking lot meetups, personalized apparel, customized vehicles, and sizeable entourages. These elements immerse players in the one-of-a-kind urban basketball experience. Future potential opportunities also include partnering with Ready Player Me to offer custom avatars allowing teams the freedom to be as wild and creative as possible.

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